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Increase Your Website Activity through Email Signatures

If you want to make sure your website has a steady amount of activity, you need use every trick available to you. One of the easiest ways is through the proper use of your email signature.

Email signatures can be one of the easiest ways to get a regular flow of traffic to your website.

You can passively increase your website’s activity with no extra effort required by using an email signature.  Even if you have been using email for years, you may not be aware that you can add signatures to your emails.  Email signatures consist of a few lines of text that are automatically added to the bottom of each email you send. 

You can usually create these signatures with “preferences” tab on your email program.  After you create an email signature, each time you send an email, your email program will automatically add whatever you saved as your signature to the bottom of the email, You do not have to do anything extra.

 Before you can enjoy the increase in website activity through email signatures, you will need to create an appropriate signature.  To do this, you should consider two things.  First, consider how much space your email program allows you for your signature.  This will be important, as you may need to condense your content to fit the program you use.  Secondly, and most importantly, you need to think about what you want to say with your signature. 

If you are running a business it is probably best to use your name, the business name, address, phone number, and website address.  This is a very professional and passive way to promote your website. 

If you have a more casual website, you may want to include your name, the website link, and a nice quote or two that you find inspiring, entertaining, or relevant to your website.  Think about the overall feel of your website and try to keep your signature in the same tone of writing.

There are a few “rules” in creating an email signature to help website activity.  The first rule is to keep your signature limited to four lines or less.  If you create long signatures, it is likely the reader will completely tune out and not remember anything in your signature.  There is also that possibility that they will not even read it because it “looks too long”.  This can occur frequently.  Keep in mind that most people use email because it is easy to use as well as fast. Therefore, they will not be prompted to read areas of email that are long because they will feel they take up too much time.  

Another rule is to make sure your email signature is appropriate for all ages, genders, and ethnicities.  The last thing you want to do is offend someone with your signature because this will not attract website activity, but deter it.

 After you successfully create your signature, be sure to save it in your email program so that it is added each time you email someone.  You may have to “check” a specific box in your “preferences” to get to this point.  You can check to make sure it is working correctly by sending yourself an email.  Your signature should show up exactly how others will view it on the email.  After everything is working properly, all you need to do is send emails like normal. 

The more emails you send, the more often your website link will be viewed.  When you send emails that are forwarded by the recipient, your signature will be viewed even more than expected.  The chain of email is a complicated one with many viewers, so you will likely get viewers that you don’t expect, which is great for your website.  The more the link is viewed, the more traffic you will have on your website. 

 Increasing website traffic through email signatures is one of the most effortless and passive ways of advertising.  You will probably even forget that you are advertising because you don’t need to do anything to do so after the initial setup phase.  Email signatures are a great tool that cost nothing and can deliver results.  Those who don’t use them are often those that have no idea how to use them. 

By learning to set up your own email signature you can immediately begin seeing an increase in traffic to your website.

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5 Steps To Writing A Great Salesletter

 There is no doubt that having a great salesletter can make or break a product. You can sell a phenomenal product to a tightly focused audience, and if the sales copy is only marginal, your results will not be up to snuff.

One of the problems with writing copy stems from being too close to a project. If it is your product, sometimes it’s hard to step back and realize that the reasons you love it might not translate to someone else. It’s a lot like having kids. What is adorable or wonderful about your kid to you might be peculiar or irritating to someone else. Now maybe if they get to know your child, they’d find them adorable, too. That’s the purpose of the salesletter.
Your product is your “baby” at the moment. You’re already sold on it. You need to step back and try to think of what would make you spend your money on it if it wasn’t yours already.
So how do you do it? How do you write a great salesletter? I’m glad you asked…
1.    Grab Attention: You MUST get the reader’s attention quickly. A pre-head, and then a main headline should grab hold of the reader and make them want to know more. If possible, you want to give the ultimate reward for the product right in the headline. If it is easy, requires little time or effort, and/or has a big payoff, the reader should be hooked with the possible results right away.

­- What is the ultimate “best reason” someone should buy your product?
– What is the most desirable result of buying your product to the reader?
– What, above everything else, would be most beneficial about buying it?

This is your chance to quickly encapsulate your entire salesletter in one, eye-catching sentence that is GUARANTEED to be read by the visitor to your site.
Fire your biggest gun! 
2.    State the Problem: Your reader must find out why they need your product. What problem are you solving? What are the frustrations that you can alleviate with your product, manual, report? Many times, there are multiple problems that can be listed to make sure you address every angle possible.
I generally prefer to use the “3 Reasons Why”, or “5 Problems With” approach. Make a list of problems or issues that you know your audience deals with, and then explain a few details about these problems. Make them feel personal.

3.    Introduce the Product: Give details about your product, what will be included, and why it’s an answer to what your prospects are looking for. You’ll want to list solutions in direct answer to the problems described above. Brag on yourself a little, but do it in a humble manner. If you are the expert, be the expert. Tell them why your product can answer their concerns, solve their problems.

4.    Give Plenty of Details: People want meat, not tofu. You must present the meat of what your prospects will be getting when they part with their hard earned cash. Bullet lists, subject or chapter heads, examples of real content. The more content shared here, the more they know they’ll get with the product, and the more valuable it will be to them. If you have proof, testimonials, etc…these are great information about the product, too, if used sparingly and properly.

5.    Call to Action: In sales, this is the close. You must give the reader a reason to act. Ask them to buy, set a limit, or offer a bonus for quick action. Offer a satisfaction guarantee, too. Make them feel at once compelled to buy, as well as comfortable with buying.
There are a lot of ways to put a good salesletter together. Use the tools you have, and your own experience, to promote your baby. Make sure you incorporate these 5 steps, and you’ll be on your way to sales copy that really sells.

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How Gary Went From $18,000 a Year To $400,000 a Year

I wanted to share with you this article by Marlon Sanders. He showases the Power of Belief.

There is magic in these described in the follwoing story. Best of all the magic is in you….

How do you go from being an insurance salesman to a 475,000 person

It’s an interesting story.  The other day I was at a bookstore as
I’m prone to do. And I saw this DVD called Tapping and it had a
testimonial on it by Joe Vitale.  I remembered last year that when I
hung out with Joe and Pat, he mentioned that he did this thing
called Tapping.

I bought the DVD and got sucked into a very fascinating story….

His name is Gary Craig.

At age 30 he was making $18,000/year selling insurance.  He met a
man named Dick Oakley from Pace seminars who told him to use this
simple affirmation:

“I earn, easily and consistently, $40,000 per year.”

I believe Pace seminars were originated by James W. Newman author of
the outstanding book:  “Release Your Brakes.”

See, Dick told him he was driving with his brakes on.  And to change
his income he needed to change the programming inside his head.

He started with the affirmation of making $40,000 a year because
that was more than double his income but still within what he
believed was possible.

The other important part of the wording was “easily and
consistently.”  He didn’t say he had to grit his teeth and work 12
hour days.

He started saying that affirmation 20-30X per day, not knowing HOW
he was going to do it.

Before long, we exeeded the $40,000 a year, so he raised it to
$60,000 then $80,000 up to $400,000.

You can READ the whole in-depth story here:

It’s the best single thing I’ve ever read on doing affirmations.

At some point, he owned his own stock brokerage business but left
that to start a web business!

He created a whole self development method built around what someone
else had already pioneered.  Roger Callahan developed a method for
eliminating phobias, anxiety and other things using an unusual
method called “Tapping.”

Gary Craig worked with him for awhile then developed his USP which
was  basically the Roger Callahan method with the USP of SPEED.

He called his spinoff method “EFT” for emotional freedom technique.

He developed a program where others could get trained in his methods
and developed what I’d call a massive affiliate base, even though it
wasn’t your traditional affiliate method.

He innovated some cool things.

But the main points are these:

1.  He created a whole ebook on his method that was his freebie on
his web site.


As a result he built up a 475,000 person email list.  He got a TON
of links that ebook from other sites which gave him awesome seo

2.  He made his money on the back end selling dvd’s, workshops,
certification and so forth.

3.  He published a regular newsletter of articles and success
stories to his email list.

There’s NOTHING here you don’t know how to do in that it’s things I
talk about all the time.

The best source of traffic is affiliates.  But he also worked the
seo angle by putting all the newsletters on his web site which
became a ton of content.


4.  He put a lot of videos on his web site to pull people into his
funnel. The videos were mostly success stories/case studies:


Now, the point is NOT whether you think his method is valid or not.

The point is he did the SAME things you know to do.  Put success
stories on your web sites and blogs.  Have a great freebie to build
your email list. Build an affiliate base.  Publish content on your
blog and use it for your seo.

What’s so fascinating about this is Gary Craig didn’t INVENT the
core method.  He took what Roger Callahan developed and put his own
USP spin on it.

Speed.   That’s always a great USP.

He added a great freebie, newsletters, a forum, and a heck of an
affiliate base and people with a vested interest in his success.

The way he did that is a bit more complex than I have time to go
into here. He innovated with a few clever ideas.  But the point is,
he followed a known model, added really great marketing to it
and passion, and made it a huge success.

Unfortunately, all isn’t well for Gary.  He had a heart attack
and as such decided to retire, so his dvd’s aren’t for sale any
longer. I offered to fulfill them for him and/or buy the rights to
them but for his own reasons he declined.

The thing about Gary is he’s a relentless promoter. I admire that.
He reminds me in that aspect of Joe Vitale.  You know, Joe is a
great promoter and relentless about it because he just flat out
loves doing it.

If he DID want to sell his business, I’m sure he could sell it for
millions.  The assets he built up, the list, the affiliate base, the
products, the inbound links have a very high value.

I don’t get that Gary did what he did for the money and I don’t get
that he needs money from my very short conversation with him.


1.  The affirmation method works and is worth using

The book Release Your Brakes by James W. Newman explains the method
in depth.  And you can read the article by Gary Craig:


2.  Realize that the gist of this story is doing what you know to

a.  Have a killer freebie on your web site just like he has his
freebie ebook.

b.  Build your list, duh!

c.  Develop a great affiliate base

d.  Publish success stories in a newsletter or an ezine and use it
for search engine fodder.

e.  Have a back end.

f.  Be prolific

g.  Promote relentlessly

Marlon Sanders is the author of“The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy
and the KING of Step-By-Step
Internet Marketing.”

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The Secret of Getting People to Buy From You

The following is from an e-mail
I received from Internet Legend, Marlon Sanders.

Marlon’s e-mail is re-printed with permission: The Secret of Getting People to Buy From You

What do you think the ONE thing is that gets people to buy from you?
Think about what your answer is before you read on.

OK. Got it?
For the last 12+ years I’ve been saying this business is basically simple.
At heart, you find a group of people who want stuff and you get ’em to give you money for it.

Of course, the magic is in the part where people willingly give you their money.

When I was a child, my favorite part of the fair was the carnival pitchmen who sold knives and blenders
and the little mouse that crawled up your arm. I’ve been studying what gets people to buy ever since.

I have no desire to make it complex or complicated. I  really believe when you discover the secret of something,
it’s, at heart, simple.

So here is the result of what I’ve learned since I was a kid watching carnival pitchmen.

The secret of getting people to buy from you is….

Now, in the old days I would have said.  That the ONLY reason someone buys is to get benefits.
And that’s TRUE.
But I think the term “conveying value” better describes the process.

Here are a few ways you convey value for whatever it is you’re selling.

1.  Show the benefits over time
Show how money spent today results in benefits now and  in the future.

2.  Show the instant benefit times people don’t believe they’ll get a benefit.
So if it’s instant, you raise believability.

3.  Show all the WAYS the buyer benefits
Think of the infomercial where they say, “It slices, it dices, it chops and it even grates. 
You can use it to peel oranges, chop tomatoes, grate cheese, and even make party favors.”

4.  Demonstrate the benefit
Show it instead of just telling about it.

5.  Have third parties talk about the benefits they received
This is social proof.
Those are a few ways that come to my mind.

6.  Tell STORIES about people who benefitted.

7.  Product packaging conveys value The packaging of the product and the look or image of the web site
and blog conveys value.

Here’s my question to you:
Whatever it is that you’re selling, HOW could you convey value?

Brainstorm all the ways you could do that.

A sales letter is a set of words that follow a proven formula for conveying value and creating urgency.

A lot of people get caught up in writing, and forget it’s all about conveying value. 
The same thing goes for the belief that people don’t read long copy.

They don’t. Unless they’re thinking about buying. THEN your copy had BETTER adequately convey value.
There are MANY times
 I didn’t buy ONLY because the web site conveyed too little information and too little value for me
to make a positive buying decision.

You’ve got to SHOW and TELL me all the ways your product or  service creates VALUE for me.

If that chunk of value ends up being multiples of the money

I’ll spend, then you have my positive buying decision.

To convey value, you’ve gotta get out of your head and get into your buyer’s head. And say,
“What do they WANT?”

Because the VALUE is NOT in your product or service.
The VALUE, oddly enough, is in satisfying the wants of the buyer.

That’s how value is created.

Now once you CREATE that value by satisfying their wants, you have to CONVEY the value.
  The best product does NOT win.

The most knowledgable online marketers do NOT make the largest bank deposits.
  Those who do the most exquisite job of CONVEYING the value they have do.

There’s an art to conveying value.

Some people do it by bragging and hyping really hard.

Some do it subtly with skill and implication.

Some do it via the brute force of a massive product launch.
Some do it via multiple channels of audio, video, text, emails, reports, interviews and so forth.

It’s more art than science. Although there’s a science to it.

But the common theme is CONVEY.

I LAUGH so hard sometimes about Internet marketing.

Because new people and even experienced ones get so caught up in the pitches.

“I just don’t know which method I should buy and follow.

Should I do this one or that one or the other one?  It’s SO confusing.”

THINK about it.
The one thing ALL those systems have in common is the system promoter wants you to
BUY something from him or her.
Now — go and do thou likewise.

You have to be in the Game a long time before you really see how simple and wise that advice is.
The money is in the selling.  Not the buying. 

So the smart person buys info that helps them sell.  That’s how I see it.

Products are a dime a dozen.  People have this ILLUSION that if they create the BEST PRODUCT they’ll win. 
So they get all caught up in the paralysis of analysis and should I do this or that product,
and how can I make it the best.

The best product does NOT win. Products are a dime a  dozen.

The best PROMOTION wins. And the marketer wins who does  the best job of CONVEYING value.

So stop obsessing over creating the perfect product and create products with
consistent value using “The Writer’s Secret.”

Then get busy CONVEYING that value via every means possible.  
Or at least the ones that you enjoy the most or find interesting or challenging.

It’s funny that people can be in this Game so long and not understand that it’s all about creating value
in the form of products then CONVEYING that value effectively through multiple channels.

Are you a value creator?

Are you a value conveyor?

If you aren’t, then it’s high time you start studying how others create and convey value.

This goes for anyone selling anything.

The lessons are out there in the real world on every  street corner.  Everyday merchants create and convey

Open your eyes.

Look.  Watch. Listen.

This is the gospel of marketing.

It’s there every second if you have eyes to see.

And now you know the secret of getting people to buy from you.


Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure out how to turn those into reality by
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marketers and products have come and gone, after attacks
by the world’s most notorious criminals, after attempts to
put it under, there is ONE product that remains and stands
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How to Overcome the Mental Doubts

 One of my favorite old time marketers is Marlon Sanders.

Without a doubt, Marlon understands marketing in lots of different niches. To get started you need to have the correct mindset.  That really is the first step. I wanted to share the following article from Marlon about how you can overcome the one obvious thing that is holding you back…you.

 How to Overcome the Mental Doubts
That Hold You Back From Success

Subtitle:  Is a Thief Inside Your Head Stealing
Your Money?

I have another niche market I participate in and hope to sell
products in.

This niche market involves a sizable learning curve.  I see people
come and go in it all the time. 

And from my own experiences and those I observe, there is ONE
THING that  keeps people from making progress.  And that thing is
self doubt.

1.  You may doubt you have the ability to succeed in this business

You know, we all have self doubts.  In learning the new skills I’m
tell you about, I know I personally have had self doubt.  “Is this
something I can do?  Is this a  skill I can master?  Am I TOO

Yet, the conclusion I come back to over and over is that success
in ANY endeavor is the result of behaviors. Change the behaviors
and get the result.

Wherever you are, I’ve been there.  I know what it is to doubt
yourself or your ability. To not be sure if you have what it
takes.  To try and have your successes far outweighed by things
that didn’t work.

It’s easy to get discouraged.  To stop.  To quit. To think that
this is the end of the road for you.  In this new arena and skill
set area I’m working in, I’ve experienced all those feelings and
emotions and more. 

2.  You may doubt your progress

It’s so easy to look at a few successes against more failures and
think, “I’m not making progress.”

I think this is the hardest thing.  You have to tie a knot on your
mental rope and  hang on.  Because the truth is, things almost
always don’t work before they DO work.

You have to really tune up your focus on any successes you DO
have.  And notice the small successes.  So maybe you don’t have a
ton of sales yet. But you DO have people subscribing.  Or you DO
have some sales coming in regularly.

Or you DO have your blog up and you ARE getting visitors now from

You have to exaggerate mentally the successes you DO have because
those are what show you that you ARE making progress and ARE on
the right track.

3.  Others will rain on your parade

So you finally get to the point where things ARE starting to work.
All of a sudden in a forum or someplace, someone RAINS on your
parade. They criticize your model, your idea or your efforts. 

Maybe they tell you you are pipe dreaming.  Or chasing rainbows. 

And you let it get to you mentally, spiritually or psychically.

I don’t know why this happens.  Some people just aren’t very tuned
in.  You have to believe in yourself and what you’re doing more
than anyone else.  I don’t know why it’s that way. But it is.

4.  You may have a set back

Man, this one is a challenge.  You’re going along.  You’re making
progress. You’ve got some traffic. You’re getting subscribers.
Sales are coming in.

Then you have a set back.

Something happens in your life, your family, or some area that
holds you back or slows you down.

For me last year it was a quadruple hernia. Not exactly what I had
in mind for my year. 

But you move forward. That’s all you can do. 

5.  You may think or feel that finally you’ve reached a point
where “it isn’t working.”

Anytime you’re acquiring a complex set of skills, that can happen. 
It’s a signal to  do some things different. To up your Game.  To
tweak what you’re doing and how.

Solutions for You

Alright, let’s talk about solutions:

1.  Operate from a basic checklist

Do you have your autoresponders set up?  Do new customers go onto
your email list? Are you sending out emails?  Do you have a plan
or system for getting traffic that has a  realistic chance of
working?  Are you creating and promoting new products?  Do you
know HOW to do screen capture video and post it?  Do you have a
blog that looks good?

These are all basics. I’m covering most of them in the
Quick Start call and PDF I’m doing for my Writer’s Secret

But you don’t have to buy from me to do these things. I
make things easier so you have to figure less out. But the
important thing is you have a basic checklist.

2. Give yourself credit for SMALL improvements

Rome wasn’t built overnight. At first, your victories will
be much smaller than your defeats. That’s how it is in a
learning curve.

3. Tweak but don’t junk

Tweak your game plan but don’t throw the baby out with the
bath water. You’ve got to believe in your basic game plan.

4. Know who to IGNORE

Just because someone sounds like they know what they’re
talking about and they criticize you does NOT mean you
should listen to them.

Everyone has a point of view and belief system. Maybe
THEIRS is the one jacked up. Not everyone wants to build
the same type of business or has the same vision.

5. Do the fundamentals first

If you can’t write a headline, can’t put up a squeeze
page, can’t write a guarantee, can’t write and send an
email, can’t set up an affiliate program, can’t compile a
PDF, can’t make a Camtasia video that’s decent — if you
can’t do those things, go back to the fundamentals.

It’s so easy to get distracted by bright and shiny

But what I’ve found is that success is the cumulative
result of layering basic upon basic and skill upon skill.

You know, it’s a cumulative result. That does NOT mean it
has to take forever or a long time.

My great pal, friend and inspiration, Jason Fladlien,
mastered huge chunks of this business very quickly. It CAN
be done. Still, he started with the fundamentals like
copywriting and mastered the basics.

You gotta be able to write headlines, bullet points,
offers and guarantees.

You gotta have your affiliate program. And so forth.

6. Realize that EVERYONE has self doubt

I think one of the biggest obstacles to succeeding is
doubting your smart enough, good enough and so forth.

At the same time, smart or good alone doesn’t do it. You
have to put into effect the right chunks of the business.
You gotta get the pieces in place. The foundations.

7. Value doing things

The single most important thing you can DO is something.
Just DO things and watch the results. Then tweak and try

You’ll never succeed without DOING.

So get curious what would happen if you DO this? Or DO

Find some way, some how that you can enjoy the DOING. The
BEST way I know of to do that is to get curious. And think
about it….if you found yourself getting really curious
about the results of DOING things, how would that change
the quality and quantity of activity you take now and in
the future?

And if you found yourself getting really curious about
THAT, what might that look like? How would things change?

Enjoy the process.

Fear of making mistakes holds people back. Curiosity about
what would happen if you take action makes things happen.

It’s easier to tweak a process in motion than it is to get
in motion.

Get in motion.

It’s half of success. Just getting in motion.

1. You gotta see opportunity

Where are your underserved people or topics?

2. You gotta get in motion

Take some action to exploit the opportunity

3. You gotta produce and promote

It may not be pretty at first. It may not make a fortune.
But if you find yourself getting really curious about what
would happen once you became a producer and a promoter,
then you’re almost there.

A week or two ago I showed you a new blog I put up. I’m
still working on getting my ducks in a row. But it has
ALREADY opened doors and I’ve met people who can help
parts of it happen.

And all I did was put up a blog. There isn’t even a video
on it. There’s just a basic graphic and a blog template.

Success favors those who take action and do things just
out of the curiosity to know what MIGHT or COULD happen.

Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing and
“The Ambassador of Old School Marketing”
Marlon’s Blog
Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
the Internet.   
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