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The Beatles First Appearance on Ed Sullivan

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The Beatles on Ed Sullivan was a defining moment in Rock and Roll Hisotry.

Certainly Elvis, defined the 50’s. His appearance was very controversial.

The Beatles defined the 60’s. American music was never the same. And Ed Sullivan woud forever be linked with showcasing some of the most important musical acts of that decade.

But the Beatles were the first and they started everything that was to follow.

It was Sunday, February 9, 1964. First presentation of the Beatles in the USA. The Beatles were seen by 73 million American viewers. It was the highest rated show on the history at that time and remains one of the largest audience of all time. So that in the documentary The Beatles Antology tells how many streets were deserted and how the crime rate fell during the 60 minutes which ran the program.

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Stop That Train…

I’ve been very fortunate to see some of the finest musicians on the planet.

Some of the shows have been memorable and unforgettable.

I was lucky enough to see the The Best of Peter Tosh. He was a fantastic artist.

Watching him give his all in concert was a true joy. He gave his all whenever he toured.

Here is one of my favorite tunes he played:





And it was always nice to see Jerry Garcia. You can listen to; The Jerry Garcia Collection, Vol. 2: Let It RockRock Music CDs) to get a true sense of his music. Jerry paid hommage to reggae in many of his shows. Here is a great rendition of "Jerry doing Stop That Train".



Ah Rock and Roll memories!


Greg Allman Interview

I was fortunate to have seen the Allman Brothers Band early on in their career. The sweet guitas of Duane Allaman and Dickey Betts was something to behold. With Gregg on vocals and a killer rhythm section Allman Brothers Band

Over the years I saw the band a number of times. as a matter of fact the first time I saw the Grateful Dead
, the Allman Brothers came out and jammed on the Dead’s 3rd set.

Astounding….in the heart of my soul I can still hear the strains of “Not Fadaway >>> Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad”. What a show.

Here is a great interview with Greg Allman:

Of all the Allman Brother Albums, without a doubt, this is my favorite:

Here is what the the Allman Brothers sounded like in their prime At Fillmore East

The Original Original: Tom Waits

Tom Waits Ol 55I have a soft spot in my heart for Tom Waits . He’s someone who has been there and done that. He lived a life that was a mirrror of his songs. He is truly an american original. His songs speak for themselves. He is a true poet and at times a mystic. He lived on the edges of society and at times came close to falling off (and over). Ol’ 55 is a classic song.

You are probably familiar with it as sung by The Eagles  On the Border .

 But Tom Waits is in a class all by himself. His music has evolved over time. He can be melodic and dreary. His voice always sounds as if he’s had to many whiskeys and cigarettes.

But he is a classic. 



Probably my favorite albums of all time is Nighthawks at the Diner , which is a verbal montage of songs, stories, bars and bandits. He is a great singer and musician. He is a wonderful story teller. And that’s probably what I love about this album more than anything.

I hope you can take some time to discover Tom Waits and his musical meanderings. Have a listen:


A Ripping Guitar, A Hard Beat…I’m Going Home

There is a lot of incredible music that was born from the sixties…

One of the true unsung heros of that era was Alvin Lee and Ten Years After.

They had an amazing presence. They played their own brand of rock mixed with the blues, jazz and some down home back porch music…

Lee became somewhat of a legend with his performance at Woodstock. It was truly memorable.

Check it out here:

I was fortunate to see Ten Tears After play live. The band was on fire. Headbangers listen up: Alvin Lee was the grandmaster of guitar.

Here’s the Woodstock film:

And some Ten Years After Music:

Here’s another version of I’m Goin’ Home, from the Bill Graham collection:

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