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The Original Original: Tom Waits

Tom Waits Ol 55I have a soft spot in my heart for Tom Waits . He’s someone who has been there and done that. He lived a life that was a mirrror of his songs. He is truly an american original. His songs speak for themselves. He is a true poet and at times a mystic. He lived on the edges of society and at times came close to falling off (and over). Ol’ 55 is a classic song.

You are probably familiar with it as sung by The Eagles  On the Border .

 But Tom Waits is in a class all by himself. His music has evolved over time. He can be melodic and dreary. His voice always sounds as if he’s had to many whiskeys and cigarettes.

But he is a classic. 



Probably my favorite albums of all time is Nighthawks at the Diner , which is a verbal montage of songs, stories, bars and bandits. He is a great singer and musician. He is a wonderful story teller. And that’s probably what I love about this album more than anything.

I hope you can take some time to discover Tom Waits and his musical meanderings. Have a listen: