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Greg Allman Interview

I was fortunate to have seen the Allman Brothers Band early on in their career. The sweet guitas of Duane Allaman and Dickey Betts was something to behold. With Gregg on vocals and a killer rhythm section Allman Brothers Band

Over the years I saw the band a number of times. as a matter of fact the first time I saw the Grateful Dead
, the Allman Brothers came out and jammed on the Dead’s 3rd set.

Astounding….in the heart of my soul I can still hear the strains of “Not Fadaway >>> Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad”. What a show.

Here is a great interview with Greg Allman:

Of all the Allman Brother Albums, without a doubt, this is my favorite:

Here is what the the Allman Brothers sounded like in their prime At Fillmore East