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Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

Simply one of the best love songs ever written, Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey is in a class by itself.

Van starts off saying; “You can take all the tea in China, put in a big brown bag for me…”

This live recording done in Montreaux, Switzerland features a killer sax solo by Peewee Ellis.

According to Wikipedia:

Ellis played with the James Brown Revue from 1965 to 1969. While with Brown he arranged and co-wrote hits like “Cold Sweat” and “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud“. In 1969 he returned to New York City. He worked as an arranger and musical director for CTI Records‘ Kudu label, collaborating with artists like George Benson, Hank Crawford and Esther Phillips. In the late 1970s he moved to San Francisco and formed a band with former Miles Davis sideman David Liebman.[3] Between 1979 and 1986 he worked with Van Morrison‘s band as an arranger and musical director and then again from 1995 through 1999.

I’ve seen Van Morrison in concert and he is energetic and passionate. His music is like no other.

There is a certain amount of soulfulness that Van Morrison exudes. His music is magnetic and moving.

I happened to meet David Hayes,  who plays bass in this video in a bar once. He was playing in Jesse Colin Young‘s Band. He was friendly and open. as a matter of fact he explained he testified in court during Van’s divorce to Janet Planet.

Check out, Van’s greatest: Still on Top: The Greatest Hits

The Beatles First Appearance on Ed Sullivan

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The Beatles on Ed Sullivan was a defining moment in Rock and Roll Hisotry.

Certainly Elvis, defined the 50’s. His appearance was very controversial.

The Beatles defined the 60’s. American music was never the same. And Ed Sullivan woud forever be linked with showcasing some of the most important musical acts of that decade.

But the Beatles were the first and they started everything that was to follow.

It was Sunday, February 9, 1964. First presentation of the Beatles in the USA. The Beatles were seen by 73 million American viewers. It was the highest rated show on the history at that time and remains one of the largest audience of all time. So that in the documentary The Beatles Antology tells how many streets were deserted and how the crime rate fell during the 60 minutes which ran the program.

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Stop That Train…

I’ve been very fortunate to see some of the finest musicians on the planet.

Some of the shows have been memorable and unforgettable.

I was lucky enough to see the The Best of Peter Tosh. He was a fantastic artist.

Watching him give his all in concert was a true joy. He gave his all whenever he toured.

Here is one of my favorite tunes he played:





And it was always nice to see Jerry Garcia. You can listen to; The Jerry Garcia Collection, Vol. 2: Let It RockRock Music CDs) to get a true sense of his music. Jerry paid hommage to reggae in many of his shows. Here is a great rendition of "Jerry doing Stop That Train".



Ah Rock and Roll memories!


Remembering Janis Joplin…

Certainly one of the most amazing voices to come out of the sixties was Janis Joplin.

Janis Joplin was born in 1943 and, by her death in 1970 she had really made her mark as one of the greatest artists of all time.” Rolling Stone

Janis was the driving force behind Big Brother and the Holding Company. Later she would form the Kozmic Blues Band and later, Full Tilt Boogie. Her voice was unmistakable. The power and force that came out Janis was simply incredible.

Janis won people over with her presence, her music and her soulful presentation.

Here is Janis preforming in Germany in 1969. What an incredible power.

Janis Joplin passed away at the age of 27, in October, 1970.

She truly was an original.

You can claim some of Janis’s music right here:


Greg Allman Interview

I was fortunate to have seen the Allman Brothers Band early on in their career. The sweet guitas of Duane Allaman and Dickey Betts was something to behold. With Gregg on vocals and a killer rhythm section Allman Brothers Band

Over the years I saw the band a number of times. as a matter of fact the first time I saw the Grateful Dead
, the Allman Brothers came out and jammed on the Dead’s 3rd set.

Astounding….in the heart of my soul I can still hear the strains of “Not Fadaway >>> Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad”. What a show.

Here is a great interview with Greg Allman:

Of all the Allman Brother Albums, without a doubt, this is my favorite:

Here is what the the Allman Brothers sounded like in their prime At Fillmore East