Eva Cassidy: The Most Incredible Singer You Never Heard

What can I say about Eva Cassidy?

Eva lived an all to brief life. She was a singer who was just starting to come out to national and International recognition when she tragically died at the tender age of 33 in 1996.

She did a few tours but mostly she played the folk club circuit in her home area near Washington, D.C.

Eva may have faded into obscurity if it were not for an English DJ who happened to hear one of her albums. He began to play her stirring rendition of “Over the Rainbow”, and immediately listeners began to respond. Eva was famous two years after her death, in England.

I first heard of her through Ted Koppel, when he featured the story of her posthumous success on “Nightline”.  That was around 2001. 

She is someone who deserves recognition. She has a sweet, voice. An angelic delivery. An amazing presence.

You can listen to some of her music, right here. Check out Eva Cassidy:


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