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Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir Go All Night Long

“We gonna pitch a Wang Dang Doodle all night long…”

I had heard the song a number of times, but I had no idea what it meant. One night at Hunt’s in Burlington, Vermont I got my answer.

Koko Taylor, had just finished a smoking set at Hunt’s closing with “Wang Dang Doodle”. Her band was heading outside for a quick break. As the drummer passed me, I asked him, What was a “wang dang doodle”.

“A fight” he answered. “It’s when a bunch of guys mix it up and start swinging.”

That song was one of Koko’s signature tunes. Now you know.

Here’s a great version with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir on acoustic guitars. Bob Wasserman plays bass. Neil Young is playing harp.

The following was part of Neil Youngs annual fundraiser for the Bridge School.