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Grateful Dead Internet Marketing Lessons, Part 3

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Now let’s talk about how the Dead were able to form relationships.

One of the best techniques The Grateful Dead used was that they freely gave away their music.

This allowed the Grateful Dead to build a strong relationship with their fans.

They knew how to cultivate relationships. They realized the importance of relationship marketing.

Early on in their career they were involved in a number of free concerts.

At one point, they pulled a flatbed truck into the middle of San Francisco, unannounced. They set up a sound system with all of their instruments, on the back of the truck, and they played a set of music. The entire area was shut down.

They also palyed a number of free concerts in Golden Gate Park.

Grateful Dead Free Concert Golden Gate Park

This was a way for them to share their passion for their music. Their fans loved them.

Early on the Dead had no problem with people recording their music during live shows. As Jerry Garcia explained, to David Letterman, once they were done with the music, “they can have it”.

In spite of allowing fans to record all of their concert and trade tapes, the Grateful Dead, still sold plenty of albums. They sold out huge arenas. toward the end of their touring days, the Dead would play arenas for two and three consecutive nights.

The Grateful Dead were masters of relationship marketing. They built a wildly loyal fan base, by giving of themselves. And by giving away their music.

The lesson here is clear, for all Internet Marketers. Give away something of value. Give part of yourself. Then build a relationship with your customers.

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Albert Grande
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