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Seize The Moment

You may only have one chance.

Fear and doubt are thundering down on you like a freight train.

Whether or not you win the game of life, you have to decide how you will walk out of here when it is all said and done…

 You need to make sure you grab the opportunity…It’s all about you and your goals.

Will you reach them? Will you succeed?

You are in control. You are at the helm. It all comes down to what you do with it…

While the visuals in this video use sports as a backdrop, the message is a universal one.

The following can be applied to every action that you take in business and in life.

You need to decide… 

Have passion…then take action….

Here’s to you and your absolute success,

albert grande
Student of Life

Marlon Sanders Message to Me: Set Your Goals

Let me do a quick disclaimer.

No, I don’t know Marlon Sanders, personally.

Yes, I did get a personal message from him.

Here’s how. I’m a big fan of Marlon. I belong to his list. I own a number of his products.

I respond to blog posts, especially when the author asks for a comment. I responded to one of Marlon’s posts.

You can find the blog, here Marlon’s Blog.

He responded to me and recommended I check out Michael Masterson’s video about goal setting for the upcoming year.

I immediately did watch it and found it to be a powerful system. Michael uses this exact system. Remember, you need to make sure you 1) write down all of you goals and 2) take action to get those goals accomplished.

Here is Michael Masterson’s video about goal setting that he uses everyday to accomplish his goals. At the end of the video, Micheal recommends several books that you read in 2009.

Here are some of the books Michael recommends. His advice is: “to improve your marketing knowledge, copywriting skills, and more.”

This is a great marketing resource by David Ogilvy

The Long Tail by Chris anderson is another excellent book.

Michael’s own book is a how to develop a business from scratch and take it to a six to seven figure business.: Ready, Fire Aim:

Thanks, Marlon. Thanks Michael.

Great advice for the upcoming year.

Albert Grande
Pizza on Earth

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