Why People Don’t Follow Through by Tony Robbins

Here is an incredible interview with Tony Robbins interviewing Frank Kern and John Reese.

Reese and Kern are very successful Internet Marketers. Each one has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services.

The discussion is about why people don’t follow through with their goals.

Kern and Reese explain that they have sold their products and course for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but there is a per centage of people who buy their rpoducts who do nothing with them. These customers don’t ever use the information product, or course that they have spent so much money on.

Kern and Reese go to Tony Robbins for help in finding out why.

This is a great discussion with some interesting answers.

Tony Robbins interview with Frank Kern and John Reese

Very valuable stuff!

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Here is some great Tony Robbins information:

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