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Best AutoResponder Ever…

If you do anything on the Internet, there are several essential tools. You need to have a domain name, some type of website (or blog) and an AutoResponder. You need a reliable tool that will help manage your list.

You need to have an AutoResponder that has ease of use, and will give you a number of options that you can customize for your needs.

I have tried a number of different systems over the years. There is one that stands out above the pack: Aweber.

Here’s why: It’s easy to create and set up an autoresponder. You can have unlimited autoresponders. That means you easily can have multiple lists for each niche or area that you are marketing.

Aweber has excellent customer support and are very rsponsive to their subscribers.

You can send your email in both text or rich html if you wish. You can also split test your emails, that is send two differnet versions of the same email to the same list to check on conversions. The tools are built right into the system.

Another thing I like is the fact that you can send an rss feed as well as post your emails on-line.

The best feature however is deliverability rates. Aweber prides itself on working closely with ISP’s to make sure your email gets through.

What good is an email or offer to your list if it ends up in a spam folder and never gets read?

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If you are thinking about an autoresponder, you need to go to Aweber.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask anyone who is successful on the Internet. Chances are they are using: Aweber

Be well, stay well.