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Web Host Nightmare: A True Story

I wish all of my web hosting companies were as good as Hostgator

Let me explain.

All I was trying to do was update my site. I’ve done this hundreds of times before. No problem.

I have a number of sites with different hosting companies. And this particular company is usually pretty good when I have problems. But not this time.

Here was the issue. I could not update my website. I kept getting a server error each time I tried. Frustrating.

I then did what every other web owner does when they have a problem. I contacted customer support. I emailed my request. An autosponder came back with the following message: “Sorry you are having a support issue, we’ll get back to you with-in 48 hours.”

48 hours? Are these guys crazy? I don’t have 48 hours. I want the issue resolved now. Immediately. I didn’t think I was aksing to much… I have an issue and I want it resolved, pronto.

Like right now.

I got on the phone immediately. I spoke to a service tech. He was a nice person, but he said, he couldn’t help me. He had to wait until his boss came in. The issue was to complicated he said.

Hey, I don’t want you to rebuld an entire database: I just want to update my site.

“Sorry”, he said “you are just going to have to wait.”

And so I waited until the boss came in and resolved my problem.

I wish these guys had taken lessons from my favorite web hosting company:

When I have issues, I get a quick resolution. With Hostgator I don’t have to wait. My problems are usually fixed right then and there.

I recommend Hostgator without hesitation or reservation.

Here’s why:

Help with set up
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl

Another great reason is C panel. I have been able to set up blogs, forums and data bases, with no problems. And if I do have a problem (hey I usually make my own problems), the support staff is right there to help me out.

The biggest reason why I love Hostgator is because I can set up multiple websites using multiple domains. That alone makes them my webhosting company of choice.

Remember; if you are going to do anything on the Internet, you need to throw out a big net: you need multiple websites and blogs. And Hostgator, will help you do that.

Remember: if you need hosting for your blog or website. And you want multiple sites (believe me, you do!) just contact the best hosing company on the Internet: Hostgator.

You’ll be glad you did.