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How to Get New Subscribers

Friday, October 1st, 2010


1,514 new subscribers in 3 days for pennies.

That’s what a guy Marlon Sanders met did and I wanted
to share it with you.

It’s a clever, very practical method I haven’t heard anyone
else talk about or teach.

Huge List Buiding Secrets

* It works for newbies
* It works for veterans
* It works in almost ANY target market

There are a few things it is NOT:

* It’s NOT complicated
* It does NOT use Adwords
* It does NOT use Google
* It does NOT use article marketing
* It does NOT use any method you’ve likely heard of

When Marlon talked with with him, he told me that after that
first use he refined the method and now puts 10,000 people
on a list for pennies each with relative ease.

After hearing about this, I KNEW it was something I wanted to
share with you.

Best wishes,

Albert Grande

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