How to Get Into the Pizza Business

 Over the years, I have gotten hundreds of emails from people,
wanting information about getting into the pizza business. Here is my best advice. I answered each email with the following:

"If you really want to learn the pizza business, you need to work at a pizza operation and get to know the business inside and out.  Get a job at  a pizzeria. Find a pizza place that makes great pizza and start working there!  You want to learn to make fantastic pizza! I would think that in about 6 months you would know the operation. 

You also will know if making pizza for a living is what you really want to do. Making pizza is difficult, if you are turning out 100-200 pizzas a day. You will work long hours without much rest! You will make a few mistakes, but you will learn from each one!

You need to go to "pizza school" and learn all that you can about making pizza. Talk to successful pizzeria owners. Learn all you can about the restaurant business. Research, study and ask questions! I cannot emphasize this point enough! It does seem very romantic to make pizza for people, but understand, it is challenging. The pizza business can be very lucrative but you do have to work, to make it a success! 

I have spoken ith dozens of pizzeria owners including Gary Bimonte, (co-owner of Pepe’s), about the pizza business. Gary grew up making pizza. He learned the business from his grandfather, Frank Pepe. Gary has stated to me how difficult the business can be. It is a life time commitment! Of course it is rewarding, but you will work long hours to be a success! Hang in there!"

People always wrote back. They were pleased with my response but had very specific questions about how to start a pizza business…

"What do you want to know about the pizza business?", I asked

The requests came pouring in. There were some people who wanted more inside information about where to find a pizza business. Some peole wanted to know where to find a commercial pizza recipe. They wanted the shortcuts, the secrets, the real inside scoop. I continued to find answers.

I spent hours and hours researching their questions and answered all of them.  I spent a lot of time learning about how to start a pizza business…
After hundreds of hours of research, I noticed that I had collected a vast amount of information.  These inside secrets were invaluable for anyone who wanted to know about the pizza business.

Here’s where you can find all of the secrets and all of the inside information, I have discovered about the pizza business…

Listen below to what I have discovered about how to get into the pizza business:


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