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Hundreds of Free Gifts

I love events They are in a word: wonderful.

An exciting new event has just opened it’s doors to celebrate Odinn Sorensen’s 40th birthday.

It’s exciting because I’ve just checked it out and have counted an incredible 302 products being given away for free.


Many of my fellow top Internet marketers, have ripped the price tag off their products to give them away to you.

What’s the catch?

The thing is there really is no catch. I’ve never seen an event where it makes it so easy to just login and download a whole host of top quality gifts.

Here’s a taste of what’s on offer for free.

– Ebooks
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– Software
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– Memberships etc.


Sure, not all 302 gifts being given away are great but I’ve personally gone through the lot and there’s are some real ‘gems’ inside.

The type of products that only last month you’ve said to yourself: ‘Wow that looks an excellent product but I just can’t afford to buy it’.

Well now you don’t have to 🙂

A word of warning {!firstname_fix}, this is a proper example of a limited time only event. The downloads are available for just 14 days.

So take advantage now and download a fantastic selection of high-value gift products, you won’t want to miss out.


Best wishes,

albert grande

P.S. The combined value of the entire product download list is wait for it…$19,882 !! Remember, they will only be online for a few days so secure your free gifts package now, before it’s too late.