Piggy Backing on 32,000 YouTube Views

I wanted to share with you a strategy I learned recently about using YouTube to expand your reach. You’ll get more visitors to your site, increase your sales and hopefully, your opt-in leads

I discovered this concept from Rob Toth in his How to Get Web Traffic Series. Rob released an audio collection, which deals with step by step strategies to get traffic to your website or blog. Incidentally, this was a fantastic series of tips and tricks to help get you noticed.

Rob discussed using the power of popular videos, to help promote your own marketing message. He stated you can create a video for YouTube, which has a similar title and uses a lot of the key words, that a popular video has.

 The notion is that when the popular video is shown, your video may be featured in a box at the end of the video and you may get lots of views by being associated with the video. Great strategy.

Well, I’ve decided to capitalize on one of my own popular videos. I have a video about making pizza dough that has been watched over 32,000 times. Frankly I’m shocked that so many people are interested in pizza dough.

I decided to create a video which is basically an ad for my Pizza Therapy Pizza Book. I called the video: How To Make Pizza, Part 2.

Here is the video on Revver:

So everytime someone watches my video on pizza dough, my other video ad will show up. And, I’ll sell a few more e-books.

So if you want to learn to make great pizza, go here: The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.

If you want more traffic to your website or blog, go to: How to Get Web Traffic .

And if you want to get all kinds of valuable e-books, software and scripts, go to:
The Greedy Giveaway

That’s all for now.

Albert Grande

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3 thoughts on “Piggy Backing on 32,000 YouTube Views”

  1. Great video Albert,

    I like to mix and match different foods together. A little dough and some imagination I could possibly come up with a pretty good pizza. I think I’ll take you up on it.

    Thanks Albert

  2. Hey Albert,

    Great post and an excellent idea. This is one that I never thought of. Looks like I’m going to have to give video a try !

    By the way, great video !

    Gary Gross

  3. Thanks Steve and thanks, Gary.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I’m certainly had a lot of fun making it.

    I really am amazed at the amount of traffic it generated. Vidoe is an incredible way to get visitors to your site.

    Thanks much for the comments.

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