An MP3 Player Can Teach You Internet Marketing

Mp3 players are excellent for playing your favorite tunes. No doubt about it. Your music can reflect your mood and be a sound track for your life. Hey, we all need a little music in our lives.

 But your MP3 player can be one of the most useful tools, for your Internet Marketing arsenal. Let me explain…I hate to admit it but until recently, I was strictly a CD person. I used my CD’s as a learning tool. I have lots of audio products that I have purchased or downloaded for free. I also listen to lots of seminars as well as pod-casts. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to listen to all of this audio information. So, what I did was,  burn all of the MP3 files to CD.

I would then listen to the seminars and pod-casts as I drive around. Its a great way to keep up with all of the valuable marketing information out there. The problem was that I had lots of Cd’s. I mean lots and lots of Cd’s. I had Cd’s stacked up everywhere. I was in CD hell. I finally made the leap and invested in an MP3 player and my life is easier. I don’t like to drive with head phones, so I use a cheap device that slides into my cassette player. I plug the device into my MP3 player and I’m good to go. I take my audio information on the road with me. Now with my MP3 player, I listen to some of my mentors like Jimmy D. Brown, Jeremy Gislason’s . Here is one of my favorite resources, Learning to Earn. 

 I also created an amazing audio resource for you to download all manner of extremely valuable marketing interviews. Find the link here Audio Interviews from We all learn in different ways.

Some of us are visual learners, some are hands on learners and some are audio learners or a combination of all three. I am mostly an audio learner. I find using the MP3 player helps me to understand the concepts and ideas discussed. And best of all, if you missed something, you can always repeat the audio. I find listening to the same concept multiple times really helps me to understand the idea. So grab yourself an MP3 and fill it up with Internet Marketing audios and pod-casts.

You can’t help but learn!

Get an MP3 right, here:





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