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You Cannot Win, If You Do Not Play…the Story of Promo Dashboard

Hey, I won, again. I’m amazed, shocked and humbled. Really, I can’t believe it. Out of over 100,000 Internet Marketers, I finished in the top 11. Not bad for a Pizza Man / Internet Marketer.

But don’t cut me off, yet. Sure I won. Yeah, I’m happy. But this really is not about me.

It’s about you!

Let me explain…

Recently, Marlon Sanders, Internet Expert and all around good guy, had a contest to promote his new product Promo Dashboard.

Now I own several of Marlon’s Products. Each one is absolutely top notch. I own Affiliate Dashboard as well as Info Product Dashboard. Hey they are both incredible products.

Here was the deal. Here is what Marlon said:
a) FREE Promo Dashboards will be given to the top 5 text entries on the blog.

b) FREE Promo Dashboards will be given to the top 5 VIDEO entries uploaded to YouTube.

Marlon told us he emailed the contest out to over 100,000 people on his list. 100,000!. But, then he said, he was amazed, that no-one had made a YouTube video. No one!

That got me motivated! Hey I thought, I can make a YouTube Video. So I turned on my camera and explained why I wanted to win Promo Dashboard.
(You can see my video right here in this blog. It’s a couple of posts down.)

You can see the results of the contest by going to Marlon’s Blog . Look for the post that says: August 5 And the Winners Are…

But as I said, this post is not about me, or even about winning.

It’s about You! And its about playing. Because in order to win…you have to play.

Think about it: am I kidding myself that I am in the top 11 of 100,000 Internet Marketers? No way! Of course not.

Was my video that good? Abosolutely not! It was simple and cheesy.

The only way I won, the only way: was that I entered. I tried, and I went for it.

The only reason, I won was that 999,993 Internet Marketers, did not make a video and post it on YouTube. They decided to not go for it! Think about it. I really won by default! But I’ll take it!

And hopefully, you can learn a lesson from my good fortune…

So remember that next time you are faced with a choice: are you going to try? Will you throw your hat in the ring? The most powerful words in Internet Marketing (and life) are: I will do it!

This is really about you: the next time you are faced with a choice, just go for it!

I went for it, and I’m very glad I did.

You cannot win, if you do not play…

So play my friend, play!

Just go for it!

See Promo Dashboard right here.

And check out this video, here:

Learn to Promote in Three Easy Steps.

Stay well and Do it!