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Best AutoResponder Ever…

If you do anything on the Internet, there are several essential tools. You need to have a domain name, some type of website (or blog) and an AutoResponder. You need a reliable tool that will help manage your list.

You need to have an AutoResponder that has ease of use, and will give you a number of options that you can customize for your needs.

I have tried a number of different systems over the years. There is one that stands out above the pack: Aweber.

Here’s why: It’s easy to create and set up an autoresponder. You can have unlimited autoresponders. That means you easily can have multiple lists for each niche or area that you are marketing.

Aweber has excellent customer support and are very rsponsive to their subscribers.

You can send your email in both text or rich html if you wish. You can also split test your emails, that is send two differnet versions of the same email to the same list to check on conversions. The tools are built right into the system.

Another thing I like is the fact that you can send an rss feed as well as post your emails on-line.

The best feature however is deliverability rates. Aweber prides itself on working closely with ISP’s to make sure your email gets through.

What good is an email or offer to your list if it ends up in a spam folder and never gets read?

Check out some of the latest posts from the Aweber Blog:

If you are thinking about an autoresponder, you need to go to Aweber.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask anyone who is successful on the Internet. Chances are they are using: Aweber

Be well, stay well.


You Cannot Win, If You Do Not Play…the Story of Promo Dashboard

Hey, I won, again. I’m amazed, shocked and humbled. Really, I can’t believe it. Out of over 100,000 Internet Marketers, I finished in the top 11. Not bad for a Pizza Man / Internet Marketer.

But don’t cut me off, yet. Sure I won. Yeah, I’m happy. But this really is not about me.

It’s about you!

Let me explain…

Recently, Marlon Sanders, Internet Expert and all around good guy, had a contest to promote his new product Promo Dashboard.

Now I own several of Marlon’s Products. Each one is absolutely top notch. I own Affiliate Dashboard as well as Info Product Dashboard. Hey they are both incredible products.

Here was the deal. Here is what Marlon said:
a) FREE Promo Dashboards will be given to the top 5 text entries on the blog.

b) FREE Promo Dashboards will be given to the top 5 VIDEO entries uploaded to YouTube.

Marlon told us he emailed the contest out to over 100,000 people on his list. 100,000!. But, then he said, he was amazed, that no-one had made a YouTube video. No one!

That got me motivated! Hey I thought, I can make a YouTube Video. So I turned on my camera and explained why I wanted to win Promo Dashboard.
(You can see my video right here in this blog. It’s a couple of posts down.)

You can see the results of the contest by going to Marlon’s Blog . Look for the post that says: August 5 And the Winners Are…

But as I said, this post is not about me, or even about winning.

It’s about You! And its about playing. Because in order to win…you have to play.

Think about it: am I kidding myself that I am in the top 11 of 100,000 Internet Marketers? No way! Of course not.

Was my video that good? Abosolutely not! It was simple and cheesy.

The only way I won, the only way: was that I entered. I tried, and I went for it.

The only reason, I won was that 999,993 Internet Marketers, did not make a video and post it on YouTube. They decided to not go for it! Think about it. I really won by default! But I’ll take it!

And hopefully, you can learn a lesson from my good fortune…

So remember that next time you are faced with a choice: are you going to try? Will you throw your hat in the ring? The most powerful words in Internet Marketing (and life) are: I will do it!

This is really about you: the next time you are faced with a choice, just go for it!

I went for it, and I’m very glad I did.

You cannot win, if you do not play…

So play my friend, play!

Just go for it!

See Promo Dashboard right here.

And check out this video, here:

Learn to Promote in Three Easy Steps.

Stay well and Do it!