Rolling Stones: YouTubes Living Legends Series

YouTube recently announced recently a new video series about Living Legends. You will be able to interact, ask questions and get involved with some of the most famous people on the planet.

The series starts out with The Rolling Stones. Discover the Legends Series here.

Now I’ve been a Rolling Stones fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen the Stones in concert. This band knows how to rock. Amazingly, they have proven their longevity. Hey, they are not only playing rock and roll, but they are still alive. Amazing!

Now they have a new film out done by Martin Scorsese,  called “Shine A Light”. Scorsese did my favorite concert film, The Last Waltz

Here’s an excerpt. The Stones paly Jumpin’ Jack Flash.


 Make sure you check out my pick for the greatest concert movie of all time: The Last Waltz

Rock On….

Albert Grande

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One thought on “Rolling Stones: YouTubes Living Legends Series”

  1. Albert,

    Love the new videos! What a lucky man you are. I had no idea you were in Hawaii. Great music, pizza, Hawaii… fantastic combination!

    Of course, there’s a little music here where I live as well, but I think I would be happy to trade with you. Music City has a wide variety of music, but I’m afraid we’re missing that deep blue ocean.

    We do have good pizza though…

    Take care… God Bless..


    “Desire is to want something, Passion is to refuse to live without it”

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