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Internet Success System: No Hesitation or Reservation

If you are serious about being a success you need to work at it.

There are no short cuts. No silver bullets.
You need to have a laser focus and you can’t be afraid of failure.
You need to have passion, but you need to take action.

You need to surround yourself with successful people.
And you need to follow the path.

You cannot be afraid to fail.

Over the years, I have literally spent thousands on programs
and memberships. Some of them were valuable. Some of them were not so valuable.

Of all of the programs I have been part of, one of the
absoulte best has been the Internet Success System.
Mark Hendricks is the mentor behind this system.

He is simply outstanding.

Joining ISS has been one of the best moves I have ever made.

I recommend it without hesitation or reservation.

Internet Success System

You can join at zero cost to try it out. I recommend
you at least get the Basic Membership.

The training, the resources, the library and the support are
second to none.

From time to time, I will tell you more. But for now,
you should check it out yourself.

I am a proud member. I keep asking myself,
why didn’t I do this sooner?

I wish you the absolute best in everything you do.


Albert Grande
Internet Consulting Hawaii
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PS Go there right now. See what it’s all about.

Internet Success System

Top 3 Money Making Activiites

I am re-publishing this great article from one of my role-models, and mentors Jimmy D. Brown.

The Top 3 Money-Making “To Do” Activities
By Jimmy D. Brown

I’ve always been impressed with those who can take overwhelming
things and handle them with ease and poise. It never seemed
to work that way for me, until I discovered the secret for
tackling those daunting tasks.

The secret is simple: make things simple!

With just about every major undertaking, things can be simplified
into a handful of “core” components. That makes them manageable.
Manageable fosters productivity simply because I can work on
something that seems accomplishable. And when productivity goes
up, desired results come.

I received the following question from one of my clients…

“If you have to pick, what would you say are the top 2 or 3
things we should concentrate on? I’ve heard the
domain/site(blog) are the most important, then others say
writing info products, others say lists. For short term and
long term investment, what is the most important things to
be working on?”

This client wants things simplified. And rightly so. He knows
the secret to success is getting things down into manageable

So, what are these core practices for building an internet
business? There are three things – and three things only – that
you need to concentrate on with your business…

1. Offer Development.

You cannot make money online unless you have an OFFER. It’s that
simple. Unless there is some way for income to be generated, you
can’t get paid. End of discussion. Every business is founded
upon a revenue-generating offer. Now, this can either be your
own offer (small reports, ebooks, membership sites, coaching/consulting,
advertising, etc.) or something you promote as an affiliate and
earn revenue for referred sales.

2. List Marketing.

The fortune is in the list. You’ve heard it an untold number of
times in the past, right? Building and profiting from opt-in lists
should be a major priority on your schedule. You need to devote
yourself to attracting new subscribers and then getting all of
your subscribers to spend money with you … by purchasing your
OFFERS (see #1 above).

3. Traffic.

The third and final thing you need to concentrate on is “traffic”.
This includes both traffic GENERATION (getting visitors to a site)
and traffic CONVERSION (getting that traffic to buy). This includes
things like: starting an affiliate program, buying PPC ads,
participating in joint ventures, utilizing viral marketing tools,
raising your visitor value, tweaking your sales pages, etc.

With each of these categories, you have a variety of options to choose
from in directing your attention. It would be foolish for me to say
“grow your affiliate program” as your number # traffic activity since
I don’t know if you even have your own product to sell. That’s why I
don’t recommend specific activities, but rather three key categories
of business-building.

With each of these categories, find 2-3 activities to work on each
week and you should see results in a short amount of time.

I recommend you work on offer development every Monday, list marketing
every Tuesday, and traffic generation every Wednesday. If you just
spend a couple hours each of these days working on these core parts
of your business, sales should come.

In a nutshell –

– Find an offer to promote.
– Setup a list to promote the offer.
– Drive traffic to the list opt-in page.

Keep it simple. Keep it successful.

Believe it or not, there is a tremendous “operations manual” that you can download to help you create a plan that works for YOU. Check out “Homepreneur Habits: How To Run A Successful Home Business ” by clicking here. You’ll learn all the tools you need, how to setup your work space and how to create a day-by-day schedule of recommended activities to start and grow your business.

Jimmy D. Brown is the author of the 65-page “operations
manual”, Homepreneur Habits: How To Run A Successful
Home Business. Learn The Internet Marketer’s Weekly
R.O.U.T.I.N.E.(TM) at

Thanks Jimmy. You always make a lot of sense.
Albert Grande
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What Every Marketer Must Do Everyday

Did you know that your subscriber list is the most
profitable thing in your business?

As the Internet marketing industry gets more and more
competitive, prices are dropping and sales rates are
declining. Unless you can reach prospects again and again
and do it for very little cost, your Internet marketing
future is doomed.

The easiest and fastest way to do that is with your
subscriber list. Every top marketer knows this (checked
your inbox lately?) And now there’s a way to build your
list faster than ever, and do it automatically…

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To Your Success,
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To your absolute success…

Albert Grande
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Promo Dashboard Unleashed

I have been going through Promo Dashboard and I must say I am quite impressed.

Admittedly, this is not a traffic generating product, rather Promo Dashboard makes your site a list generating and sales machine.

Marlon Sanders has put lots of spit and polish into this product. As one of the super stars of Internet Marketing, he has generated millions of dollars in sales and built a list in the tens of thousands. He is a marketer who you need to pay attention to.

I created a video which gives an overview of the product. I highlighted the important features.

Here is the link to check it out.
Promo Dashboard

Marlon also created his own video which you may find very helpful. In this video Marlon explains How to Promote in Three Easy Steps.

Here is the link to Marlon’s Video Click Me.

There is so much useful content here you will be amazed.

What I like most about Promo Dashboard is the way the lessons are arranged. The process is meant to be gone thorough step by step. There are tons of tips, tricks, shortcuts and visial explanations.

This product is incredible and gets my highest recommendation.

Be well, Stay Well.

Albert Grande
Proud owner of Promo Dashboard