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Have You Seen This Incredible Video Yet?

Albert Grande here, and I have a quick question for you.
What is the best gift to give an Internet marketer
like yourself?

When I was growing up, people would sometimes give me
a card with money in it. That was always nice, but the
problem was… after I’d spend it, I’d be broke again.
I think a better gift for people like us is the gift
of learning how to make more money on our own, so we
can replace the money we spend.

The good news is… I’m about to give you a gift that
will do just that! This gift (if you use it) is a
sure-fire way to make you more money right away, and
for the rest of your online marketing career. In fact,
you’ll benefit from this gift every single time you
write an email.

What is this incredible thing that I’m about to give you?

If you’re in a hurry, just go ahead and take a look at
this web page to see what I’m talking about in this


It’s a special, high-quality video tutorial that will
walk you through the process of creating killer email
promotions that get people to buy whatever you’re
selling. Would it be valuable for you to have the
skill of writing emails that get people to spend money?

You bet it would!

The video is priced at $197, but I’m able to give it
to you without spending a dime thanks to a special
deal I worked out with my friend Michael Rasmussen.

Who is Michael Rasmussen? He’s one of the world’s top
super affiliates in Internet marketing. Every time he
promotes a product, he makes a TON of money for both
himself and the product developer.

A lot of people will say that’s because he’s got a big
list, but that’s only half true. There are other
marketers who have email lists larger than him that
can’t even come close to the amount of sales he
generates with a single email.

Why is that?


And the best part? He wants to teach you how to do the
same for free! He created an amazing set of online
video tutorials called Email Promos Exposed, and
instead of charging the $197 that the course is worth,

Why? Because Michael realizes that you may not have
heard of him before, and so he wants to prove himself
to you by giving you some of his best material up

He’s prepared a short video presentation for you to
show you all the free stuff you’re about to get. The
video will only be up for a few days, so go ahead and
watch it now. Here’s the URL:



In the video, Michael will mention a special OTO that
you can buy if you’d like. That part is completely
optional, and either way you’ll still get Email Promos
Exposed for free.

I wanted to mention it ahead of time, so that you know
what to expect. The products included in the OTO are
an incredible value all by themselves, but Michael has
done something even better. He is giving my readers an
EXTRA goodie that other people cannot get!

Go ahead and watch this short video, so you can see
what the bonus is (hint… it’s a DVD). Whether or not
you decide this is for you, make sure you get your
hands on the Email Promos Exposed videos right away.
Remember, they’re free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Here’s the URL one last time:


Albert Grande

 P.S. Yoo really need to check this out:

Info-Product Dashboard by Marlon Sanders: Make Products, Make Money

Marlon Sanders has just created a tool that will help you create, and market your own information products. What can be cooler than that? 

Marlon keeps adding bonuses to his new
Info-Product Dashboard.

I am not sure how long the bonuses will be there so you better hurry. 
 Go there now>>>-Product Dashboard

As someone who owns many of Marlon’s products, I have to say, he has outdone himself with
Info-Product Dashboard. He holds nothing back and gives you step by step directions to assist you with your own information product.

Click here>>> Info-Product Dashboard

You may be wondering if this product’s for you.
To see if you’re among the large percentage that can
benefit from the Info-Product Dashboard, just run through
this list of simple criteria:

* If you have thought to yourself, “That would make a
great Info-Product,” this applies to you.

* If you are working the 9 to 5, trading your time for
dollars; this applies to you.

* If you’ve had that info product idea in the back-burner
for a year; and you still haven’t started it yet, this
applies to you.

* If you’re about to begin writing an ebook or are
partway through one, this applies to you.

* If you feel that you’re not an expert on anything; but
still want to create your own product, this applies to you.

* If you tried to create a product of your own
but gave up, this applies to you.

* If you’ve got a bunch of “half done” products on
your desktop, this REALLY applies to you.

* If you think it’s too hard to create your own
info-product, this definitely applies to you.

* If you think it takes too much money to create your
own info product, this STILL applies to you.

* If you have just 1 hour a day to spare to work on your
info-product, this applies to you.

* If you’ve got a web page that isn’t converting as well
as you’d like, this applies to you.

* If you think you can never create a professional looking
info product audio cd, pdf, ebook, or download pages; this
applies to you.

* If you’ve ever had a problem getting your payment
processing set up to take orders online, you need to
read this.

* If you know you want to sell products online but
haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it,
then this product REALLY applies to you.

Finally, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results
you are achieving right now, then this applies to you.

Head over to…

Info-Product Dashboard

I know this will help you.

Best wishes,

Pizza on Earth, Good will to All!

Albert Grande

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The Law of Reciprocity, Camtasia, SnagIt, Video

There has been a firestorm of activity since Techsmith decided to give away versions of Camtasia and Snag-It for free. These are full older versions of their software. The idea is that you will like the older version so much you will upgrade to the newer version.

This company really knows how to practice The Law of Reciprocity.  This is a brilliant marketing strategy which is discussed in my (free) e-book, When you Give You Get. Download your copy here.

Techsmith has made an older version of the very powerful video creating software, Camtasia, available for free.

Download your copy of Camtasia  >>>here.<<<  You will need the key to activate it. Get the Camtasia key code to activate your copy right here.

Now Techsmith is giving away their incredible screen capture software called SnagIt.

Download a copy of SnagIt, here. You will need the key code, download it here. There are so many things you can do with Snag-It. You will be amazed at the usefulness of this software.

Here is a short video that will show you how to use Camtasia.


If you want a very useful ebook about Camtasia go to this link:

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A Mountain of Marketing Gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas

The holidays are almost here and that can only mean one thing the 12 Days of Christmas will be opening its doors soon. Make sure you shake the snow off your boots before you come in.

You’ll need to clean up your hard drive to download these valuable gifts.

This is one of the best Christmas celebrations around. You will find an avalanche of incredible free gifts, to stuff your Christmas stocking.

the 12 Days of Christmas is organized by a really good guy named Mark Hendricks. Mark Hendicks is a man of integrity and honesty. He is a role model and a teacher.

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the 12 Days of Christmas

I’m already signed up, and can’t wait to see all he’s got
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Albert Grande
Elf in Training