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Internet Success System: No Hesitation or Reservation

If you are serious about being a success you need to work at it.

There are no short cuts. No silver bullets.
You need to have a laser focus and you can’t be afraid of failure.
You need to have passion, but you need to take action.

You need to surround yourself with successful people.
And you need to follow the path.

You cannot be afraid to fail.

Over the years, I have literally spent thousands on programs
and memberships. Some of them were valuable. Some of them were not so valuable.

Of all of the programs I have been part of, one of the
absoulte best has been the Internet Success System.
Mark Hendricks is the mentor behind this system.

He is simply outstanding.

Joining ISS has been one of the best moves I have ever made.

I recommend it without hesitation or reservation.

Internet Success System

You can join at zero cost to try it out. I recommend
you at least get the Basic Membership.

The training, the resources, the library and the support are
second to none.

From time to time, I will tell you more. But for now,
you should check it out yourself.

I am a proud member. I keep asking myself,
why didn’t I do this sooner?

I wish you the absolute best in everything you do.


Albert Grande
Internet Consulting Hawaii
Internet Marketing, ebooks and Information

PS Go there right now. See what it’s all about.

Internet Success System

Marlon Sanders On Old School Internet Marketing

I wanted to share this email I just recieved from Marlon Sanders.
Here is the link to his blog:
Marlon’s Blog

“Going Back To Square Freaking One”

Subtitle: What It Means To Be Old School

If you’re new to my list, my name is Marlon Sanders.

I AM what you call an old school marketer. Not old….
old school. I got started in this business back in 1978
when I read Ben Suarez book “SuperBiz ™in 1978 and also H.K.
Simon’s “Out of the Rat Race and into the chips.”

A lot of folks today don’t know about old school marketing
nor what it stands for. George Haylings made bank the old
school way back in the days of the great depression.

If it worked back then, it’ll sure work in today’s less chaotic

I’m writing this because a lot of foks have gotten lost somewhere
along the way. They got distracted by bright and shiny objects
and forget the simplicity of this business….

…..maybe you’re one of ’em.

If you’ve been in this business longer than 6 months and have
been buying courses and training and you haven’t made your
first $100 in sales, you may have lost your way.

If you’ve been in this business longer than a year and haven’t
sold at least $5,000 or $10,000, then you might have forgotten
what it means to be old school.

If you’re an old pro or veteran but somehow have lost your way,
you might have gotten sidetracked and forgotten the bare
simplicity of this business.

I want to talk about what it means to be “old school.”

1. Old school means you produce products.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with promoting affiliate products.
It’s true a lot of newbies get started that way. You can build
a list and start sending out emails selling affiliate products.

But the best way to build your list is with your own product.
And you can have one of those in 3 hours if you know what
you’re doing.

2. Old school means you promote what you produce.

Think of it like breathing.

You do it every day. It’s your essence.

You breathe in…that’s creating new life with the oxygen
that hits your blood stream.

That’s creating new products.

It’s your lifestream.

You breathe out.

That’s promoting…it’s an outward energy.

You go inside to produce…that’s breathing in. You go
outside to promote. That’s breathing out.

If you’re listening to someone telling you to do things
other than breathe in and out, that’s fine. But if it’s not
working for you, you might rethink what you’re doing.

3. Old school means you roll your own

There’s something to be said for hand made.

You can outsource lots of things. You can mechanize
lots of things. And you should.

But no one can replace the human spirit and soul.

And plr and automated this and that are great. I’ve
automated much of my business. But do you have


I’m a human being, not a machine. I’m here. I have
emotions. I have ups and downs like anyone else.

Like late last year when I was TRYING to be the only guy
in my city at age 51 to have a 6-pack (you know, lean
stomach area), and I ripped some muscles working out and
had to have surgery, that was a tough time for me.

I know some people read a few of my emails and wondered.

It was a very emotionally challenging time.

But that’s life. I don’t try to be something I’m not…at least
not on my good days when I’m my highest and best self.
And I recommend you do the same.

I don’t pretend to live in a million dollar house with a 1/4 million
car and Rolex watch.

I don’t need the watch, I got plenty of house and my car is
a warrior.

But one thing you can say about me is since day one in this
business I’ve been REAL and called it the way I saw it, even
if it meant going counter to the opinions of some of my
closest and best friends.

So I think old school is about being real. The day you
replace you in your business is the day the U is removed
from the word UNIQUE and the day the U is tripped out
of the term USP (unique selling proposition).

Marketers are a funny bunch.

The first thing they do on Twitter is load up a thousand
quotes that someone else wrote.

That’s not old school.

I don’t want to read a bunch of quotes you downloaded. I
want to know who YOU are what YOU think, even if
I disagree at times.

Even if you aren’t the biggest Mac Daddy of ’em all.

At least you’re real. And maybe I’m interested in what you
have to say.

4. Old school means getting things done

I love to talk on the phone.

My dogs (close friends) Jonathan Mizel, Declan Dunn,
Jason Fladlien, Kirt Christensen, Daegan Smith,
Ray Edwards, Paul Myers and others have probably lost
more than a day of production chatting on the phone.

But we share. And it means something to me.

One day I won’t be here to write this ezine. All the products
I got to create will be gone. All the sales letters will be
written. All the insights will be given. All the words will
be said.

I hope that at that time, people will look back and say,
“Marlon Sanders was real. He told the truth. He made me
a better marketer and a better person.”

That means you can’t just talk. You have to create. You
have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

All that means is your breath, your life, is creating and
selling and marketing and promoting.

That’s who I am.

That’s what I do.

And if you’re reading this ezine, then I suspect that’s who
you are or want to be.

It’s NOT the only way to run an Internet business.

Like I say, I’m Old School. I believe in stacking a few bills
in my bank account by creating a valuable product and promoting
it to others who can honestly benefit by it.

It’s a noble way to make a living.

A lot of people don’t get that. Selling is spiritual. You’re taking
a person with hopes and dreams of a better life and you’re lending
a helping hand.

You’re taking a person with problems and frustration and helping remove

You’re making the world a little better, more relaxed, more convenient,
more enjoyable and less problem laced place to be.

And that is a great, awesome thing.

The first thing some marketers want to do is remove the human spirit
and element.

And I guess some businesses operate that way.

I’m an Old School dog and I’ve been around the block. I’ve seen people
go to jail, even gurus. I’ve seen them make comebacks by turning over
a new leaf.

I’ve seen more gurus come and go than you can shake a stick at.

I’ve made more products than I can remember and sold most of ’em
pretty well.

How about you?

Have you lost your way?

Have you strayed from the way of the Old School?

If you have, then maybe it’s time you get back to breathing.

You find wants and needs, hopes and dreams, desires and

You create products.

You promote products.

This may sound like a daunting task if you’re new to this Game.

But over and over and over, people who take action prove you CAN produce
products with value in less time than you think. I’m NOT saying you need
to be perfect or produce the world’s greatest products.

I’m saying to put some of YOU into your products. Put some heart in
there. Put some soul in there.

Get out stuff that helps people. But get out a lot of it. You really do need
to be a Prolific Product Creator.

Old School means you get produts out and you sell ’em. And on the one
hand you don’t succumb to the need to be perfect.

That’s a trap.

On the other hand, you make sure you got a baker’s dozen in there.

It’s time.

It’s time, you and I and everyone else in this Game get back to a few simple

Finding out what people want. Creating lots of products and selling ’em good.
Breathing as a way of life.

Production and promotion.

Good gosh that’s simple.

How did we ever lose our way?

Maybe it’s time a little Old School finds its way back in your life.

If you aren’t working TODAY, this week on creating a new product or promoting
the one you got, then what are you freaking thinking?


What are you doing? Researching more and more and more until you’re certain?

Can you guarantee me you’ll wake up tomorrow?

If you can’t find certainty about that, how do you think you’ll find certainty about
whatever it is you’re trying to feel certain about?

Find your way back home.

Now. Today. It’s never too late.

This moment is all there is.

Embrace the Old School.





This is the straight and narrow path.

Welcome home.

My name is Marlon Sanders. I’ve been in this Game long as I can remember.
I am the King of Step-By-Step Internet marketing. And I cherish and relish
every moment life has given me to be in this Game.

Every day I wake up, suck down some coffee, and feel thankful for another
day to play the Game.

Old School Lives.

Play on.

Marlon Sanders
Marlon’s Blog
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step
Internet Marketing.”

To get on his killer ezine list, to get cheat sheets and all kinds
of other goodies every Saturday and during the week, to get simple,
to-the-point Internet marketing know that works real world without
all the hype, go to: Marlon’s Blog

Back With Amazon, Again…

On July 1, my 10 year relationship with Amazon ended. I had been a successful affiliate for Amazon. I sold a lot of books, DVD, ccoking supplies and other items in the Amazon cataloge. I got a check every month form them.

There was nothing I had done to violate their Terms of Service (TOS).

The reason is that I live in Hawaii… I understand several other affiliate members living in other states (ie North Carolina) had also been terminated.

The Hawaii State Legistlators had passed a law taxing Amazon and other Internet businesses.

Fortunately, the bill was vetoed. Here’s what amzon said:

“Earlier this month, Governor Linda Lingle vetoed the unconstitutional tax collection scheme passed by the Hawaii legislature in HB 1405.

Because the effective date of that bill preceded both her veto and the legislature’s veto override session, we had little choice but to end our advertising relationships with all Hawaii-based participants in the Amazon Associates Program.

Now that the override session is over, and the legislature did not override Governor Lingle’s veto of HB 1405, we would like to invite all Hawaii Associates whose accounts were closed due to the pending legislation to re-enroll in the Associates Program.”

So for now, I’m back in the saddle with Amazon…

OK here are some fresh amazon links:

Thanks, amazon.

Albert Grande

The Power of Memory

The Secret to Success: ISS

I belong to many membership sites. (To many, LOL)
There is one that is truly unique.
Very success oriented. That is: your success.

Here is the site:

Internet Success System

ISS is in a class by itself. I am a proud member.
And it is totally different than any other membership site.

Mark Hendricks is behind the site. However, I think he would agree that ISS, is much bigger than he is.

He has invited some of the most amazing marketers to be part of the ISS team.

Believe me, this is not a get rich quick or make a bazzillion dollars in your sleep type of program.

It takes work. It takes committment. It takes time. But it is set up to give you lots of assistance, encouragement and positive energy.

But like anything else in life, you get out of it, what you put in.

If you really want to succeed in Internet Marketing.
check out the link. You will be glad you did.

Internet Success System

One of the first tasks is to create the mind set for success.

I’m re-reading “Think and Grow Rich.”

I’ve read it a number of times, and I always get more out of it when I read it.

Here is a poem from Think and Grow Rich:

If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t
If you like to win, but you think you can’t
It’s almost certain that you won’t

If you think you’ll lose you lost,
for out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellows will,
its all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself, before
You can win the prize.

“Life’s battles don’t always go,
to the stronger or faster man.
But soon or late the man who wins,
Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!”

To you absolute success,
albert grande
ebooks, Internet Resources and more

Make sure you check this out:

Internet Success System

Napoleon Hill On the Secret of Success

Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill

Naploeon Hill emabarked on an incredible mission.

Think and Grow Rich was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was interested in what common thread existed through all successful men.

Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill to find out why some people had everything they desired, while others constantly struggled!

He shares his insights in Think and Grow Rich.

I have read and reread Think and Grow Rich several times.

Some contend Think and Grow Rich was the basis for The book is a masterpiece. As a matter of fact, watch part of The Secret and download a copy of Think and Grow Rich on this page.

Listen and watch as Napoleon Hill discusses his greatest secret.
This is all about the law of attraction.


Listen, learn and follow Napoleon’s life lessons.

albert grande